GenTill™ Testimonials

Editorial Note:

We have tried to the best of our ability to repeat what these individuals have told us about their experiences with our products and concepts. If you talk with these people and find that what has been said here is inconsistent with what they told you please let us know. We do not feel any need to embellish what folks are saying to us about the tines or the way we are assembling them, including remounting the Aerway™ tines. So let us know what your experiences are too. 

Chris McKinney (Duck Creek Farms)

Hope, Indiana

The Gen-Till™ Harrow is great. It's a good product and it does its job. I wouldn't run a Gen-Till™ without it. It's well worth the investment. My only complaint is that I didn't have one of your harrows two years ago when I bought my 15' Heavy-Duty Gen-Till™ [note: Genesis Tillage™ didn't manufacture rotary harrows two years ago]. I'll just leave it at that.

Lee Ormiston (Ormiston Ag)

Paris, IL 61944

I bought enough tines to equip the center two rollers on the 15 footer that I use to drag a hose for manure application. I had broken Aerway™ tines in frozen soil right after learning about the Genesis Tillage products at the National Machinery Show in 2001. I decided to give the new tine a try along with the different way of mounting the tine on the roller shafts. To test the difference I went on some rolling pastureland on our home place and applied about 20,000 gallons/acre [of manure]. We watched the water run downhill off of the area, which had the Aerway™ tines working, and disappear into the soil where the Gen-Till tines ran. That was it for us. We bought enough to finish equipping our machine and now I’m looking to buy another used Aerway™ [to upfit with Gen-Till tines] so I can have another one for applying liquid manure. It’s a totally different machine and far superior to what I was using before.


Francis Krumenaker (Thumb Area Irrigation)

Ubly, MI 48475

I used to sell Aerway™ and had a continual problem of broken tines. We custom apply liquid manure with a 16-foot 3-point version of the tool and have for many years. I installed new tines from Genesis Tillage in the early spring of 2001 and have about 900 acres on them (12/01). We have not broken any tines and the tines are only worn about half as much as the Aerway™ tines would be from the same number of acres. The most obvious difference is how the soil takes in the liquid manure. I don’t have to try and mix the manure into the soil anymore. It used to be that the ground would have that wet shine to it for hours and hours after application. Now I can see obvious disappearance of the liquid before getting back to the other end of the field. One of my customers planted later the same day that I applied 10,000 gallons without any other tillage at all. It was beautiful.


Darrell Dickerson (DLD Farms)

Woodburn, KY

I had run my Aerway™ for about three years and could never get it in the ground over four inches. I couldn’t put enough iron on it unless it was in the mud. First I only put on half the number of tines from Genesis Tillage because I didn’t think it would really make any difference as far as the way the tines were put on. Well it went right in. So last summer (2001) I fixed the helixes so that they were mirror-imaged and put on the rest of the Gen-Till tines. It went right into the ground with no problem.  I went right through some wheat in the spring and it didn’t hurt it a bit.