GenTill™ Manure Applications


Genesis Tillage™ partners with Bambauer Equipment, LLC ™ (and other partners) to incorporate manure application into your aeration practices. This toolbar is designed for soil fracturing to 8.5″ deep. This allows even absorption of the liquid manure into the top soil profile. Also designed for easy turning on field ends with no backing up necessary. Double pivot prevents stress on drag through the entire turn. 22.5′ operating width and narrow transport width. Other sizes are available.

Features Include:

3 point hitch or pull type units available  •  Various widths  •  Bolt down 6” swing arm tower assembly  •  6” double pivot and swivel  •  Hydraulic operated 6” valves  •  Hydraulic folding wings  •  Purge ball bypass with adjustable spray deflector  •  Manifold system with rear splash plate nozzles  •  Large super single rear wheels  •  Heavy duty frame with self-leveling hitch  •  C-flex bearing design  •  Adjustable gangs  •  Cast ductile iron tines, heat treated  •  Can fracture and loosen soil up to 8.5” depth  •  Optional 6” flow meter