GenTill™ FAQ

What amount of horsepower will I need to pull my Genesis Tillage™ equipment?


On average it takes 7-10hp per foot of machine. There are several factors that can play into this including ground conditions, angle of swing arms, and pulling speed.

What is the pulling speed for a GenTill™ unit?


A GenTill™ unit can be pulled between 6-8mph depending on soil conditions, amount of horsepower you are using, etc.

How long will my tines last before I need to replace them?


Soil conditions play a large part in answering this questions. Certain soil types, such as sand, will wear down the tines more quickly so we can not give an exact number here. However, on average, you can expect to see 25-60 acres per “point.” For example, assume an Indiana farmer with ideal “Miami Soil” runs a 1200-S GenTill™ II which might see around 55 acres per “point.” This specific model has two roller assemblies, with 9 tines on each assembly for a total of 18 tines. Each tine has 3 points, so this Indiana farmer could expect to run approximately 2,970 acres before he would need to replace his tines. 

How will I know that my tines need replaced?


Each individual will have their own answer to this question. You may choose to replace your tines when they begin to perform less than you desire. 

How far apart are the tines spaced?


Genesis Tillage™ tines are set on 7.5” spacing.