GenTill™ Tine Systems


Original GenTill™
Tine System

Genesis Tillage manufactures our own traditional bolt on tine system, which is longer in length than competitors and also features a unique, helix design. GenTill™ original tines are also made out of cast ductile iron and heat treated for maximum strength and performance. Genesis Tillage can provide replacement rollers and tines on Aerway® Machines to correct helix problems and/or supply replacement tines for your Aerway®.


GenTill™ II
Tine System

Our one-piece cast ductile iron tine set, the GenTill II™, is computer designed and heat treated for improved performance and wear superior to our competition. The GenTill II™ tine system penetrates to the hub completely, without extra weight* needed to keep the tine completely in the soil.



Why Choose the GenTill™ II Tine System?


1. The GenTill II™ one-piece cast ductile iron tine set is computer designed and heat treated for increased strength, improved performance and superior wear compared to our competition.

2. The GenTill II™ Tine System eliminates the need for dozens of bolts attaching the tines, and makes tine servicing very simple.

3. You get more for your money with the GenTill II™ Tine System, which provides both a longer and thicker tine when compared to competitors.

4. The GenTill II™ tine system corrects helix problems that you find in competitors equipment.

5. Careful observation of the GenTill™ helix reveals that the shaft turns the same number of degrees between each entry event throughout the full shaft revolution. This also assures the minimal amount of ballasting requirement to achieve full tine penetration. Only one tine per roller is attempting to enter and penetrate the soil profile at any moment in time.

6. The second key feature of the GenTill II™ helix design, which is essential for optimal tine performance, is to isolate the action of any given tine as much as possible from the action of preceding and following tines in the rotation of the shaft. When this is not done the soil is pinched between the face of one tine and the back-side of the preceding tine.

7. The GenTill II™ design can be retrofited back to older style Genesis Tillage™ machines, and also incorporated on Aerway® machines.


GenTill™ II Tine System - A Closer Look 


Key Design Features of a GenTill™ Aerator


  • All Genesis Tillage™ soil aerator units are equipped with forward swept swing arms for improved soil penetration potential
  • Adjustable Swing Arms from 0 to 10 degrees in 2-1/2 degree increments
  • Heavy-duty suspension made possible by computer designed C-flex hangers
  • Heavy duty, triple-lip sealed, trunnion bearings from Sunflower Mfg® .
  • All roller shafts are made from high steel with strength better than cold-rolled steel.
  • Bearings are mounted on 1.75” special grade shafting material.
  • Self Leveling Linkages on heavy-duty units
  • Heavy duty wing fold pins on units with wings
  • Heavy duty rear axles  on larger equipment
  • "Underslung" wing hydraulics
  • Wing mounting bushings in all center frames for future wing upgrades
  • Frames can be made for three-point attachment or pull-type equipment.
  • Frames also feature 3 x 5 x 3/8’s  for improved frame stiffness and life expectancy in the frame-adjusting slot.
  • The rollers are set into a 5-foot deep frame to enable 100% ground coverage of the tines including the center of the unit. There are no ridges or missed areas with these machines.
  • Rollers can be offset individually in 2.5 degree increments to take advantage of our advanced Gen-Till tine design which provides greater soil fracturing at any offset angle.


Heavy duty, triple-lip sealed, trunnion mounted bearings


Forward adjusting swing arms from 0° to 10° — in 2.5° increments


Self leveling linkages help keep equipment level with ground contours


Computer designed c-flex hangers for heavy-duty rock-flex suspension

5-foot deep frame enables 100% ground coverage—no ridges or missed areas