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Genesis Tillage™
The Possibilities are Almost Endless. 

Genesis Tillage, a company in Southern Indiana, is taking large steps to renovate conservation tillage. Genesis Tillage (Gen-Till) has a revolutionary patented tine design that is proving to reap major benefits for vertical tillage aerators.


These patented tines (Gen-Till II tines) are superior to traditional “bolt-on” tines and are unique to the industry. The engineering of the tines eliminates the problems that come with the usual bolt on tines.Gen-Till II tines have proven to more effectively and efficiently penetrate all types of soil and have no trouble breaking down and loosening corn stalks.


Gen-Till II tines, made in the USA, are created using a special alloy and heat treatment, both of which make the tines the most durable and versatile in the industry. The Gen-Till II tines are placed on a variety of Genesis Tillage aerators, ranging from a simple 5’ aerator to one as large as a double-folding 45’ aerator.


That’s right, a 45’ vertical tillage aerator! The largest aerator on the market. This 45’ aerator is a double-folding machine, which when folded, is only 15’ wide. Taking their aerators one step further, Genesis Tillage also makes rotary harrows for all of our machines, from a 5’ toolbar to the 45’ double-folding aerator.  In early 2009, the company introduced the GenTill 3 aerator, which is a three in one system with a coulter set, aerator, and rotary harrow.


Adding to the benefits, the 45’ aerator (along with other Genesis Tillage aerators) is powder-coated, a surface coating technique that better protects the machinery than traditional painting. The color of the aerator is customizable with almost any imaginable color.


The Gen-Till II tines are mounted on Genesis Tillage aerators, such as the 45’ aerator, using a C-flex spring design that acts similarly to a suspension system and significantly reduces tine breakage. Making the aerator more unique, are the trunion mounts and triple-lip- sealed bearings which keep dirt out of the bearing more adeptly than traditional bearings.

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